We Talk With Xavier Ligero From Cheap Replica Longines About The Spirit

Recently, we did a hands-on review of the new best quality fake Longines Spirit watches. It is a pilot’s watch, new to the Longines Sport collection. We talk to Longines Head of Product Development Xavier Ligero about the Spirit and how it came to life.
king to Xavier Ligero
The Longines Spirit replica is a watch that looks so familiar, yet it is new to its collection. The pilot watch DNA is clearly visible, which also derives from the Ministry of Defence specifications for pilot watches. In this podcast, I talk to Xavier Ligero, head of product development at Longines since 2014. We discuss how the Swiss movement copy Longines (click here for our review) came to life, which challenges they encountered, and why there are 5 stars on the dial.

As always, we start with a wrist check, Xavier is wearing his Longines Legend Diver with a date window for this podcast. It is the watch he bought to celebrate a big step in his career at Longines. In the podcast, he will explain to you why. During our discussion of the date of the Longines Legend Diver, and later on, for the Longines Spirit watch, he reveals that there might be a Spirit watch without a date in the future.

Favorite Longines Spirit
When asked about his favorite version of the Longines Spirit fake with stainless steel bracelet (they are available with different dials and in different sizes, and as a chronograph), he opts for the matte black version (see header image), but on the stainless steel bracelet (in the picture above).

I also ask Xavier Ligero about the partnership with ETA they have. The movements that Longines use, are often exclusively developed and designed for them by ETA. It gives an interesting insight into how close these companies work together on projects.

We hope you will enjoy this podcast with some amazing insights into the design and development of the Longines Spirit.