Steel Patek Philippe Nautilus Best Swiss Watches Knockoff With Diamond Bezels For Sale

Nautilus collection is one of the most popular collections in the Patek Philippe family. This collection is deeply welcomed by female customers. Its timepieces have rounded octagon bezels and embossed patterns of horizontal lines. The delicate Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watches have 33.6mm steel cases which are solid and elegant at the same time. Their silver dials have white luminescent designs. There is a date indicator set at 6 o’clock.

Their dials have a simple layout. There are just hour markers and hands. The three grey hands are all set in the center, showing the hour, minute and seconds clearly. Ladies just want their wrist watches to show the time accurately in the daily. The basic functions are enough for female people.

The satin-brushed steel cases have a diamond bezel which is decorated with 50 diamonds. The elegant Patek Philippe Nautilus fake watches are driven by Cal. 324 S C, self-winding mechanical movements with 29 jewels. The automatic movements are equipped with Gyromax balances and Spiromax hairsprings.

Their power reserve is 35 to 45 hours. Patek Philippe copy watches with silver dials have an average water-resistance which is rated up to the depth of 60m. The steel cases are matched with transparent sapphire case backs. Wearers like such designs. The timepieces fully reveal the noble and elegant charm, appealing to lots of rich ladies.