Montblanc Star U0110642 Knockoff Watches With Black Leather Straps For Hot Sale

Montblanc Star collection is popular with customers. The new Montblanc Star replica watches are carried with retro designs like black Arabic numerals and blue steel hands. The silver dials have a concise layout to display practical functions clearly. First, I am introducing their calibre. The models are carried with Cal. MB 29.13, self-winding mechanical movements with 25 rubies. The Swiss movements have persistent and accurate functions. The power reserve is about 42 hours.

The silver dials have black Arabic numerals as hour markers. The black and silver colors make an obvious contrast, offering a good readability to wearers. The steel hour and minute hands in the center are covered with blue plating. What’s more, there is a moon phase indicator set at 6 and a date sub-dial at 2 o’clock. The strong functions are displayed in an innovative way. The 42mm steel cases with domed bezels are all well polished, looking glossy and delicate.

Montblanc copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements have decent and exquisite designs, building an elegant and noble image. The timepieces are attractive to male customers. They are easy to match different daily looks including official suits and casual clothes. So the new Star models are a best seller on the market.