US Best Replica Hublot And Berluti Take Aim At The Big Bang Unico Chronograph

In the four years that Swiss made fake Hublot and Berluti are working together, has this powerful collaboration resulted in quite a few emblematic creations. These models had two things in common; they all featured the exquisite Venezia leather that Berluti is known for and used a Classic Fusion as a base model. That changes today as Hublot and Berluti introduce the Big Bang Unico Berluti Cold Brown.

Swiss Movement Fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Berluti Cold Brown Watch

Hublot replica designed the perfect 1:1 replica watch in very close collaboration with Kris van Assche, the Creative Director of Berluti. As patina is one of the trademarks of Berluti, they decided to give the Ice Brown patina center stage on this Hublot. It is based on a vintage patina, which was given a modern-day edge by applying a unique glaçage process. This is not the only thing that sets apart this Big Bang. For the very first time is the Venezia leather incorporated in the bezel of the watch. Just as the strap, made from the same type of leather, will the patina only get richer over time.

Fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Berluti Cold Brown Watch For Men

Hublot‘s engineers also found the perfect way to incorporate the unique leather on the dial yet still enable a view of some of the movement’s parts of the manufacture caliber. They achieved this by placing the leather between two pieces of sapphire crystal. It gives the Big Bang a vibrant yet understated look. This is amplified by the case, made from micro-blasted and polished black ceramic. Hublot’s usual eye for detail is visible in, for example, the hands, which are filled with brown luminescent material. They perfectly complement the bezel and the Venezia leather dial in which the indexes, numerals, and even the words ‘Swiss Made’ are embossed. Like the previous watches on which Berluti and Hublot collaborated, this is also a limited edition, as only 100 will be made.